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Becky is one of those brides who is absolutely adored by everyone around her. You could feel it in the excitement of her friends and family as they busily got ready for the days events. Her bridesmaids moved between smiles and tears, all of them wishing the very best of intentions for their favourite sister, caught between wanting to watch her fly and keeping her grounded at the same time.

Hair and makeup done, it was off to Kleinburg, Ontario for some Bride and Groom photos on this blustery winter’s day.

Both Becky and Shai braved the cold, removing jackets and overcoats at each location we stopped at…and it was cold – very cold!

Shai is a little more reserved and while just as playful, compliments Becky perfectly. She smiles, he smiles. She pouts, he still smiles! The love he has for Becky is self evident in everything he does.

After the photos were done, we headed back to the venue where the days events were set to begin.

These included the Kabbalat Panim and Groom’s Tisch.

Kabbalat Panim literally means the “Greeting of Faces” and is the opening reception of a Jewish Wedding. During the Kabbalat Panim, the Bride and Groom are graced in their roles as King and Queen for the day.

The Groom reigns at his personal Tisch (or table), the Bride is seated on a throne-like chair surrounded by the women closest to her. She greets friends and family and receives advice and blessings from the women in attendance.

The formalities on the groom’s side included the signing of the Ketubah and Ontario Marriage documents and the breaking of the plate by both his mother and new mother-in-law to signify the seriousness of the committment their children were about to make. Just as a plate can never be fully repaired, so too a broken relationship can never be fully repaired.

That done, it was time for the Bedeken, a ceremony dating back to ancient times where the Groom, after confirming the identity of the Bride, covers her in a veil prior to the ceremony under the Chuppah, or wedding tent.

The ceremony was a beautiful event. Shai was escorted to the Chuppah by his parents and joined shortly thereafter by Becky and her parents. The usual traditions were observed, Becky was walked around her Groom, prayers were sang, wine was sipped, the Ketubah was presented, and a glass was broken.

There are 2 things we love about Jewish wedding receptions: the Hora and the Shtick…and this wedding did not disappoint! The Hora was a sea of people dancing around the Bride and Groom, participating in the frenzied, energetic celebration of their union. The shtick, later on in the reception, was an absolutely crazy outpouring of silliness and fun that just about everyone was caught up in.

The food was outstanding, the dessert was to die for, the speeches were eloquent and touching, and the celebration and dancing continued on, well into the evening.

Becky, Shai…thank you for having us out to shoot your Wedding. Mazel Tov!

A very big shout out to Sam Obeid for helping with the reception coverage. Sam…you’re the man – thank you!

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  • Lynne Zendel - February 10, 2014 - 6:35 pm

    Magnificent !

  • Lynne Zendel - February 10, 2014 - 7:25 pm

    Magnificent !
    Lew’s work capture precious moments so beautifully !
    He plies his craft with skill ,observation and kindness.

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