Jumana & Karam :: Wedding Photography :: Hacienda Sarria

“The reception is in Kitchener at Hacienda Sarria”, said Karam, as we talked over coffee, about their wedding day.

I was a little skeptical…why would anyone getting married in Toronto want to drive to Kitchener for the reception?

Moments after arriving at the venue, I had my answer…WOW! The Hacienda Sarria features commissioned art, ironwork. stone masonry, and large, wooden doors, crafted by artists.

It has an old-world Spanish ambiance wrapped in European elegance. Yes…this venue was most definitely worth the drive!

We’ve known Jumana for several years. She’s been a bridesmaid at numerous other weddings that we’ve had the pleasure to shoot. Finally….today…was her turn.

A whirlwind of activity surrounded Jumana as she got ready for the wedding ceremony. Members from both sides of the family arrived to meet, greet, and celebrate the impending nuptials.

We were soon off to the church to get ready for the Bride’s arrival.

Karam walked in from the waiting room with the groomsmen in tow. Nervous smiles and furtive glances towards the back of the church. “She’s here, isn’t she?”.

He soon had his answer as the procession began.

Jumana looked simply stunning as she walked down the aisle, escorted by her father. A quick kiss and a handshake and the service began.

He did. She did. Rings were exchanged, the registry and legal documents were signed, and before you knew it, they were officially Husband and Wife!

The reception was luxurious and intimate. The guests were notably impressed by the décor and layout of the venue.

The speeches, the toasts, the dancing and celebrations all added up to a very unique and memorable wedding day!

Bride and groom at Hacienda Sarria
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