Samara and Alan :: Wedding Photography :: The Eglinton Grand

Oooh what a night! All Weddings involve planning to one degree or another…Samara and Alan’s was planned out and executed with precision that rivaled a Broadway production! From the get go, they wanted everyone to have a good time…to mix, mingle, and catch up with friends and family, and most importantly, to have FUN!

In their own words, “It is going to be a wonderful mix of both formal and fun. We’ll have many of the traditional Jewish customs, but we’re also going to have really great music, cupcakes and a photo booth. Samara and I have put a lot of time into planning everything ourselves, all the choices, all the details… our heart and love are in every part of the wedding. We think the Eglinton is going to be a great venue.”

All I can say is, “Mission Accomplished!”.

We started at the Toronto Hilton with Samara for some getting ready photos. A few shots of Alan getting ready and we were off to the Reveal. There’s such a spark between these two it’s contagious! I found myself grinning along with Alan, bouyed by his excitement of seeing his Bride for the first time in her Wedding dress.

We then headed to Osgoode Hall for some formal…and not so formal photos.

Before we knew it it was time for the ceremonies to begin. The signing of the Ketubah, the Bedeken, and finally the traditions that take place under the Chuppah.

One of the key features of their venue, the Eglinton Grand, is the room reveal. Guests are entertained upstairs in the cocktail area while the dining room is made ready. There’s an announcement, the curtains are drawn back, and the room is revealed to the delight of the guests.

On this evening the guests were treated to something extra special. When the curtains were drawn back, Samara and Alan were in position on the dance floor – ready for their first dance as husband and wife, illuminated by spotlights. Romantic, mesmerizing, and beautiful.

No Jewish wedding is complete without a Hora and this one didn’t disappoint. The guys were spinning, the girls were dancing, the couple was lifted, tossed, and celebrated and thankfully everyone involved survived!

After dinner, we opened the Photo Booth. Parents, sisters, brothers, uncles, aunts, friends, co-workers, and everyone else came up for some fun photos!

The band played, guests danced, and the celebrations continued on well into the evening.

Guys…thanks for having us out to shoot your amazing wedding! We had an absolute blast and I’m sure all your guests did as well!

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Wedding Consultant: Murielle Bloomberg
Violinist: Yosvani CastaƱeda
Wedding Singer: Francois Mulder
DJ: Sole Power
Florist: Zoki Floral Designs
Cupcakes: eini
Make up: Susan Kirsch
Hotel: Toronto Hilton
Venue: The Eglinton Grand

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