Tracy + Tyler :: Engagement Session at High Park

In October 2007, Tyler was travelling through Africa, he had heard about Tracy through mutual friends and decided to write to her to say hello.

From that day on, Tyler and Tracy (also known as TNT) never went a day without speaking to each other, whether it was through email, letters, Skype, phone calls, text messages or Facebook. They would be up for hours every night talking and getting to know each other.

Shortly after they started to talk, both of the families “met” via Skype…. Tyler decided it was time to make the relationship more serious and flew to Toronto to meet Tracy face to face.

The first time they physically met was at Pearson Airport where their love grew from there.

Tracy and Ty are both extremely athletic and will play any sport together. They’ve participated in and completed several extremely physical challenges including The O Course and Tough Mudder.

Tyler recently narrated and starred in “Dieppe Uncovered“. A show on the History Channel described as:

“This stunning new documentary reveals findings from never-before-seen and recently declassified documents that will revolutionize the way Canadians understand their role in the Battle of Dieppe, giving meaning to an event that has, until now, been viewed as a futile failure.”

I watched the show…and he rocked it! Way to go, Tyler!

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