Megan + Tim :: Engagement Photography in Unionville, Ontario

Tim and Megan originally met online in 2008 and then in person in 2009 in Thunder Bay, ON.

Since then, they have been traveling back and forth between Ontario, Canada and Plymouth, England. Talk about a long-distance relationship!

We asked them what they liked most about each other.

Megan: “I love his quirky personality. How heโ€™s not afraid to be himself even in a room filled with strangers, and the funny faces he pulls.”

Tim: “I love how creative, kind and humble she is. I love seeing her smile and her beautiful eyes.”

This happy couple will be getting married at Silver Lakes Golf and Country Club in Holland Landing, in June, 2013.

We can’t wait! ๐Ÿ˜‰

The happy couple

Imagine me and you

Just the two of us together

So happy together

Photography in Unionville, Ontario

What girls want

Celebrating our Engagement

He loves her and she loves him!

Photography in Unionville, Ontario

We’re on the right track (ha ha)…

We will be married soon

We will be married soon

E-Session Toronto

I can’t picture loving nobody buy you…

Engaged couple photos

…for all my life.

Unionville engagement photography

You’re a life saver.

Engagement photography in Unionville

You really make me smile.

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