Engagement Photography | Tottenham, Ontario | Katie and Jordan

Jordan was tired of his wallflower friends and their inability to talk to women, so he decided to venture off from one bar to another one alone. When he got to the bar he noticed a table of 4 attractive ladies including Katie.

He grabbed the girls attention because he was wearing a Senators Jersey with a Je Suis Antoine Vermette sign he had made. His long flowy hair made them look like twins. After 20 minutes of conversation, Jordan focused his attention to the pretty one.

We started to talk for several minutes. In a few short minutes Katie left the table thinking, “I need a drink”.

After hours of sensational dancing and conversing Katie decided to ask for his number. Weeks later after no initial contact Jordan received a text message from Katie saying all his friends were at her door with a 24 pack of beer hoping to party. The rest is history!

We normally write a few words about our couples for both their Engagement Session and Wedding photos. We asked Jordan to tell us about how he and Katie met. The sentences above are better than anything we could write so we cut and pasted them verbatim. Jordan…you certainly have a way with words!

We asked them how they knew they were perfect for each other.


I can’t say there was an exact moment in which it hit me “hey I’m going to marry this guy” but after only a few short months (or weeks) I was leaving Ottawa to move back to Kingston after finishing University. Jordan said if it was going to work between the two of us, I was going to have to find a job back in Ottawa. I knew at that moment I would do whatever I could to find a job in Ottawa. 3 weeks later, I was moving back and obviously it was the right decision!


For me, I can honestly say the day I saw her at the bar, I knew she had something special in her. It took a few weeks to realize the impact she made on me. Nights of thinking about her which I never told her about to her deciding to move in with me and take a chance. The minute she took a chance on me, I knew that it wouldn’t be a chance I would have to take but more of a blessing if I could be the one to call her my wife.

Guys…thanks for making our job as photographers easy! If your Engagement Session was any indication of how much fun you guys are, we really can’t wait for your wedding in July!!


  • Katie - May 8, 2012 - 7:40 am

    The pictures look fantastic – thanks Lew!

  • Kim - May 26, 2012 - 10:32 pm

    Beautiful work!

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