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Sarah and Anson met at a friend’s Engagement Party in June of 2009.

She’s quirky, funny, cute. He’s a little more reserved, down to earth and serious. A match made in heaven!

It is often said that opposites attract. With Sarah and Anson, it isn’t so much opposites as two people complementing each other so that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

They love going to movies, seeing live music, singing together, and making up funny lyrics to existing songs.

We asked them how they knew they were perfect for each other.

Anson said, “The first time she fell asleep next to me (Halloween 2009).”.

To which Sarah replied, “I wasn’t really sleeping (heehee). But for serious, on Halloween night, 2009 – we baptized his bar, he played for me on his guitar, he asked me to dance, we watched Halloween & Rosemary’s Baby (actually, the movies watched me) and I thought as I fell asleep next to him, I thought ‘I never want to leave.'”.

We told you she was cute!

See you both at your wedding in July!

Anson is just super, man. ;-)

Anson is just super, man. 😉

Have you seen my hat?

Have you seen my hat?

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