Wendy & Michael :: Wedding Photography :: Destiny Banquet Hall

“The Force is strong with this one!”  There’s a story behind the opening image.  When Michael and the guys were getting ready, he disappeared into his bedroom and came out again wearing a Darth Vader mask and brandishing a lightsabre.  “You have to bring that!!”, I said, much to the amusement of the groomsmen.  “Are you serious?”, said Michael, thinking I was joking.  “Oh yeah, we’re definitely going to use that tonight!”.

The wedding ceremony was at St. Andrew Kim Catholic Church in North York.  A beautiful church with a predominantly Korean congregation.

We headed to Destiny Banquet Hall in Woodbridge for the reception.  One of the highlights was a Korean Ceremony where Wendy and Michael donned traditional Korean attire.  Family members were served tea and imparted words of wisdom on the couple.  They then took turns tossing chestnuts and dates – which the couple attempted to catch in the Bride’s shawl.  The chestnuts represent male children and the dates represent female children.  When the ceremony ended, they had caught over 40 dates and chestnuts!  Time to break out the Barry White…  😉

The night was filled will laughter and happy tears.  Michael’s rendition of Gangnam Style outdid the original!….and yes, the lightsabre was a hit!

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