Toronto Wedding Photography | Engagement Session | Navi and Amritpal

Amritpal and Navi first met five years ago. It was a simple “Hello”, and those were the only words exchanged for two and a half years. They had no idea they would be spending the rest of their lives together.

Two and a half years later at a paintballing trip their paths crossed again. At the time, Amritpal was working towards completing his undergrad in Honours Economics and Financial Management at Wilfrid Laurier University and Navi was enrolled in a BScN program at the University of Western Ontario. This time the meeting was more than just hello’s, and involved them hunting each other down.

A few days after the paintballing trip, Navi contacted Amritpal after asking around for his contact information. They began talking regularly, and in no time became really good friends. They got closer over time and eventually became best friends. Their families knew they were good friends, and being of Indian decent, Amritpal’s parents were pressuring him to get married. His father had a few girls in mind that he wanted him to marry, in the old Indian arranged marriage way.

Amritpal’s mother, having grown up in England, understood that Amritpal would not want to marry someone he did not know. So she approached Amritpal explaining that his father was on the hunt for a suitable bride, and that he wanted him to get engaged as he was almost done school. His mother suggested he talk to Navi and ask her if she was ready to get engaged. Seeing as how they were best friends, Amritpal and his mother both thought it would be perfect. He then built up the courage to ask her and she said yes. It was a modern day arranged marriage proposal. They went from being best friends to soon to be wed.

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