Wedding Checklist

Planning a wedding is probably one of the most complex and complicated social events you’ll ever need to plan in your life. There are so many minute details that must be carefully planned and orchestrated that it can be quite easy to overlook something that might seem inconsequential until the big day. Likewise, it can also be hard to know when and where to start and by what date each detail must be handled. No wonder so many brides hire a wedding planner or consultant!

While a wedding, even one that isn’t that formal, can be stressful and complex; the secret to planning a successful wedding is in organization. When you know exactly what must be done and know precisely by which date it must be accomplished, everything else just naturally falls into place. Take a look at the wedding checklist provided below:

6 to 12 months before the wedding

  • Set the date and time of the wedding.
  • Reserve the location.
  • Set your wedding budget.
  • Establish a color scheme.
  • Hire a wedding planner or consultant, if you desire.
  • Reserve the date with your florist, photographer, videographer, caterer and musicians.
  • If you are to be married in a church, temple or synagogue, schedule meetings with appropriate members of the clergy.
  • Choose your attendants and ushers.
  • Order your invitations and any other wedding stationary you’ll need.
  • Choose your bridal ensemble-including veil or headpiece.
  • Begin shopping for your attendant’s attire.
  • Order your wedding rings.
  • Register.
  • Make reservations for honeymoon and accommodations.
  • Draft invitation list.

2-4 months Before the Wedding

  • Meet with your florist to place the order for your flowers and floral arrangements.
  • Plan rehearsal dinner.
  • Meet with caterer to finalize menu.
  • Address wedding invitations.
  • Select music.
  • Order wedding cake
  • Have your Engagement Session done.
  • Schedule an appointment to have your hair and make-up done.
  • Take care of your passport or visa, if needed for honeymoon.
  • Order all accessories and decorative items.
  • Request vacation time at work for your honeymoon.

4 to 6 Weeks Before The Wedding

  • Mail wedding invitations
  • Final wedding dress fitting.
  • Arrange transportation for the wedding party.
  • Prepare seating chart for the reception
  • Meet with caterer, musicians, photographer.
  • Place announcement in newspaper.
  • Select groom’s gift.

2 weeks Before the Wedding

  • Obtain the marriage license
  • Take care of any name changes on your bank account, driver’s license and social security card as well as anything else that might be relevant. Order new business cards, if necessary.
  • Handle any necessary legal matters such as beneficiary on life insurance policies and changes in your Will.
  • Take care of changes of car and home owner insurance policies.
  • Provide last minute info to the caterer regarding head count.

One Week Before the Wedding

  • Go over final details with everyone from attendants to wedding service providers.

The Wedding Day

  • Begin having your hair and make-up done at least 3 hours before the ceremony is to begin.
  • Start dressing one hour before the ceremony.
  • Give the groom’s ring to the Maid of Honor.

Relax, slow down, and enjoy your day!

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