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Samara and Alan met online in February of 2012. It didn’t take long for them to realize that they were meant for each other!

We asked Alan what he liked best about Samara…

“She has the kindest heart of anyone I know, and would do anything for those around her, she lights up with this giant smile when she’s excited, and I love how just looking at her makes me feel like everything is perfect. I could hug her all day.”

We asked Samara the same question and she said,

“I love Alan’s positive energy and outlook on life, his spontaneity, his kindness, his intelligence, and his dashing looks.”

These two just adore each other – and it shows!

We asked them to describe their wedding.

“It is going to be a wonderful mix of both formal and fun. We’ll have many of the traditional Jewish customs, but we’re also going to have really great music, cupcakes and a photo booth. Samara and I have put a lot of time into planning everything ourselves, all the choices, all the details… our heart and love are in every part of the wedding. We think the Eglinton is going to be a great venue.”

We started at their condo on Broadview Avenue. I was greeted at the door by their dog, Einstein. One of the sweetest, happiest dogs I’ve ever met. Alan mentioned that Samara leaves him little post-it love notes so we had to include those in a few shots too!

Their first date was at Pic Nic restaurant. We stopped by for a few photos. The restaurant knew they were coming and even changed the chalkboard sign outside.

One of their favourite activities together is spin class so we dropped in for a few fun shots…and even got some of the staff involved!

It was starting to get dark so we ended with a few shots in an alley on a couch someone had discarded – their loss was our gain!

It was the perfect ending to an awesome Engagement Session.

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