Laura and Mike :: Engagement Session at Frenchman’s Bay

Laura and Mike met at Mike’s Birthday Party in November of 2007.

They enjoy travelling, snowboarding, camping, and hanging out at the cottage together.

One of the most interesting and unique details about this couple is the story of the engagement ring.

In their own words…

The diamonds were a family heirlooms on Laura’s mother’s side of the family. Laura’s great-grandfather and great-grandmother were Japanese immigrants who once owned a boarding house in BC.

At some point, the couple had a tenant who was unable to pay his rent for a very long time and consequently they went bankrupt and lost the boarding house.

Several years later (in 1920) the tenant returned to repay his debt to the couple by giving them 5 diamonds.

The one, large diamond was made into a tie clip, while the 4 equally sized smaller diamonds were made into cufflinks.

The couple had one daughter, Fumiko, who inherited the diamonds when both parents had passed. Fumiko had one daughter, Teresa, who inherited the diamonds when her mother passed. And now they have been given to Teresa’s only daughter, Laura to make up her engagement ring.

Mike researched all the family history and tracked the lineage of the diamonds before designing the ring and having it made into the engagement ring Laura now wears.

I get goose-bumps reading the above passage! What an absolutely amazing story of the history of the diamond in Laura’s Engagement Ring!

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